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Meet Our Team

EST values hard work and dedication, our team members have all had different journeys to get where they are today. Behind this team is a group of almost 50 employees! Without their efforts, EST would not be what it is today.


Steve Taylor


(606) 758-4626

Dustan-Ramsey - Copy.png

Dustan Ramsey

General Manager

(606) 758-4626 Ext. 106


Nicole McFerron

Production Manager

(606) 758-4626 Ext. 104


Beau Parker

Sales Manager

(606) 758-4626 Ext. 103

Brad-Taylor - Copy.png

Brad Taylor

Engineering Manager

(606) 758-4626 Ext. 105


Rob Perkins

Senior Engineer

Need a quote or have questions? Feel free to reach out to any of us with the contacts above!

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