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Our Equipment

EST offers an array of equipment to fit any and all needs your company may have! Below is a list of our core equipment, follow this page to see all of our supporting and handling equipment. We are equipped to handle almost any job!

Mazak Lathe and Vertical Mill

New to EST is a Mazak QT450MYx120 Lathe with turning capabilities up to Ø22” X 120” long, and a Mazak VNC-570C Vertical Mill.


Hurco Vertical Mills

EST has 14 3-Axis vertical mills, all from Hurco and ranging in sizes. Our smallest machine has a 30''x 14'' table with an X-travel of 26'' and a Y-travel of 14'', while our biggest vertical mill has a 86''x 35'' table with an X-travel of 84'' and a Y-travel of 34''

Hurco Horizontal Mills

These massive 5-Axis machines can do it all! EST has two of these to offer with the largest having a table of 79''x 71'' and 360° of B travel


Wire EDM

EST offers wire EDM services for the most intricate parts. Using our Sodick VZ 500 EDM with a table of 39''x 30'', we can tackle your next job!

Hurco CNC Lathe

EST has two CNC lathes, varying in size. The biggest lathe has capabilities for 25'' in diameter and 40'' in length!


Supporting Equipment

Below are some of the key supporting machines EST Tool has on site to help support and excel the manufacturing process. These machines help us get the product to you faster!

Milltronics VKM4
Chevalier Grinders
Okamoto Grinder
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